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You never really understand a person til you've walked a mile in their shoes..I'll loan you mine so you can see the world as I do

Gratitude ~ May 26,2010 May 27, 2010

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One of Barbara’s teachings was to jot down 10 things that you are grateful for each day for 14 days. At the end of the fourteen days, she asked that we write a two page journal about our EXPERIENCE of doing this assignment. Mind you, many people including myself confused this with the writing about what we were grateful for. She made sure to reiterate and reinforced each time that it was our experience of doing the assignment she wants us to reflect and write upon. I’m going to sharing with you in the next few days an excerpt from my paper. Along with this, I have decided to continue with my Gratitude journal. Perhaps I will write 1 thing in it, perhaps 100 things. The point is to reflect upon your day and what is given to you in that day and within it ,yourself, find something to be grateful for. There’s no reason not to.