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You never really understand a person til you've walked a mile in their shoes..I'll loan you mine so you can see the world as I do

The divine art of letting go July 22, 2010



It’s strange how certain people come into your life in so many different ways and make an impact without meaning to , intending to or realizing they have.   One such person in my life is of all people a columnist from The Nashville Examiner , also knows on twitter as @TheSingleWoman.  She has so far published two articles that have been my salvation at the exact moment that I needed.  

This article I”m sharing today is one such gem the universe brought to my platter as I struggle once again with a tough time in my life.  As much as I try to be the pillar for my family and friends, there are times that the pillar too feels like the weight of the world is getting ready to crush and crumble the steadiness of what the world sees as a strong sturdy structure.  Today’s article is acting as the strong fast cement needed to patch and strengthen the crumbling pieces.

The divine art of letting go.


Just what I needed… May 20, 2010

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Yesterday could have been a better day, yet it could also have been a worse day…but it wasn’t. Spending time with the family , nurturing them with love and comfort are the essential ingredients to that soup for the soul. At least to my soul…add a bit of tobasco to it yumm, the best soup EVER! But seriously, just looking at my younger son laying there on the sofa with a cold, still looking at me with those eyes that beckon to me and are secretly saying ” Mommy , can you make me feel better?” yet, his 14 year old macho self would never say those words out loud. I put on the nurturing Mommie hat and gently rubbed his forehead , checked his temperature, rubbed some vics on his chest, took out the water and tylenol and made him a dinner that his late grandmother would’ve made for him. All, to see him smile and feel better. I’m not sure who felt better at the end of that song and dance, him or I. Kids , regardless of how old or young they are, really do have a magical power in them to make your heart smile at just the right time.