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You never really understand a person til you've walked a mile in their shoes..I'll loan you mine so you can see the world as I do

A New Dawn a New Life March 20, 2011

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So, a new job, a new career, a new year, and basically a new life has been handed to me on a platter that I did not order nor expect. Waddaya do? I look at all things in front of me as a blessing! Whether it’s in the form of a plate full of sweets, or a plate full of pakoras.  Yes, I know that’s the strangest analogies but it’s perhaps the most accurate. I feel that life does not bring anything in front of you that you are not prepared to handle. The defining point of the difficulty of a situation or circumstance isn’t so much in the actual event, but in how you perceive said event to affect you . Only YOU have the power to decide if what’s presented in front of you can be utilized to your advantage and benefit as opposed to not. With the pakora example….yes, it looks deep-fried, but did you perhaps fathom the possibility that it may indeed have been baked instead; ultimately being better for you.  With that, it may seem that certain options in life presented to you are not quite as fruitful when initially presented. Yet, it’s really up to you to look beyond the facade and peels of a bruised and tattered peel to reveal the true sweet fruit that hides behind it.

I hope and pray that the decisions I’m making and the seeds that I plant today in my personal and professional life will one day prove to me and the world the sweet rewards of the dedication , passion and sacrifice towards a happier future that I dream of.

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t scared. I’m in-fact more terrified now than I was 2 months ago upon starting his new job. Now, I have more of myself vested in this new front. Now, there is that fear of failure. Now the day to day commitments and obligations to the job and the family are more real and grounded. Yet, I recall from conversations and readings that it’s not the failure that fears us, it’s the fear of failure that fears us.

I am once again reminded of something I read by Paulo Coelho ” The fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself.“Be strong even through your fears!” -@PauloCoelho.

Time to toss in that fear and hesitation soaked towel and exchange it for one that will not accept anything but confidence , drive and success.!



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