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Closing Doors February 20, 2011

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By now, some of you may have realized that my favorite book in existence is non other than “The Alchemist” written by Paulo Coelho. The excerpt below is from his blog. I find most of his posts to be very interesting and can apply bits and pieces of the wisdom attained from them to my daily life.

This particular one hits a little closer to home as I feel that I’m at a period in my life that is closing the doors to a somewhat tumultuous and drama filled past ~ I am instead embarking on a new , positive  and exciting adventure in my life.  This new adventure will only bring me sweet results if however I am truly able to shut the doors to the past completely and embrace the future with a clean slate.

A powerful message that The Universe unfolded to me this past week, and more so these past 2 days was allowing me to see with open and clear eyes that as much as I love to dream and wish for every situation presented to me as perfection; within the perfect facade are the imperfect cracks that I and only I refused to see and acknowledge.  To be specific, I held in high regard a friendship that over time I have decided is best labeled as an acquaintanceship. Why? Because it’s just now that I’m acknowledging the lack of importance for me in this person’s life. A person that I sadly had placed at a very high place in my life. It’s not to say that this individual isn’t special to me anymore, it’s that they are as special to me as I am to them. There’s finally a balance. With the acknowledgment of this new order or balance in the relationship, I find it quite interesting that a feeling of sadness or disappointment that would have at one time consumed my very thought and being has been replaced by a feeling of  indifference.

So, in short, this is what prompted me to share the latest Paulo Coelho blog post.  I suppose with the way I believe in signs, the post I’m sharing below is being seen by me as confirmation and reiteration to continue with the process of closing the door behind me completely.

How do you make peace with a negative past and with those who have wronged you? (By Alex)

In order to move from the past to the present you need to accept your scars. But you need to do everything in your power in order to heal them so that the ghosts of your past will no longer barge in your present life.

It is a long and difficult process I grant you – but it’s a way out of guilt and hatred in my eyes.

How does one keep enthusiasm, especially when you meet people who are well.. scary and mean?
(By Gina)

It’s normal that we don’t always keep our enthusiasm in front of obstacles. Indeed some people truly make an effort in destroying our plans and hopes and so they appear as evil.

But in these moments, if you are able to remind yourself of the reason of your actions and also see that those that are committed in creating pain around them are actually their first victims – then you may at least find an extra dose of consolation in your path. Ally yourself with those that wish you the best and don’t give strength to those that want to see you down. Don’t even grant them the right to be called your “enemies”.

How do you stop sadness? (By Nuri)

By welcoming it and living it intensively for a determined amount of period. In my case I give myself three days to be completely submersed in this feeling.

Once I’ve let sadness pay me a visit, then I kindly ask it to leave. Sadness is then satisfied and leaves.



And then there was light… February 4, 2011

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Driving down San Mateo Bridge at the cusp of daylight and sunset meeting, I was busily dreaming of so many things.

  • Admiring the Rose kissed sky as it transitioned from day to night.
  • Soaking in the calming vibes the ocean sent my way as I drove over her majestic and embracing arms
  • Thinking of a scenario that will only solidify my faith in the “Universe”.

Insert record scratch sound effect here:

Let me explain: This is an excerpt from my “other blog” ; which goes into much more detail about the who/what/ why of this insane revelation. I refrain from sharing the details here as this is my “known” persona therefor;  I have to be cautious of revealing people and places. The only reason I’m adding this excerpt from the other blog to this one is that it seemed to be in sync with the whole spirituality, positive thoughts, Ask Believe Receive tone here.

Moving forward with the story ~ I was being typical me and imagining a bollywood song scene where 2 star crossed lovers are prancing around in a field full of flowers ; singing about their eternal love to each other type scene  with the below thought in my mind. Or something similar to that. Read on:

“… It’ll only reconfirm my faith in the universe and the whole “it’s meant to be” concept” Better yet, wouldn’t it be something if there was a sign right NOW!”

No sooner had the thought “NOW” crossed my mind, ALL of the lights on the bridge literally lit up … as if in a way, illuminating the path ahead for me and also so that I can see more clearly ; Literally and Figureativley.

I know it seems very insignificant to anyone but me! But the moment all 3 of these things connected at the same exact instant, a light flashed in my mind and I felt to my core that everything was falling into place. For some insane reason, I started to giggle with giddiness in  anticipation of what wonderful surprises  life await me. The giggles soon turned into full-blown laughter. Anyone driving along side me would’ve taken a second glance and wondered what in the world I was doing!

I don’t know if it’s wishful thinking or the hopeless romantic in me dreaming of  such a bollyesque run in. Whatever the case, I thought it to be very typical and significant at a time that I feel life is handing G-O-O-D to me on a silver platter in more ways than I had ever dreamt , expected or believed I deserved. I suppose  because of the good happening that I didn’t ask for , I’m more receptive and aware of the good surrounding me!

This may not make sense to any of you , and that’s quite ok…I just needed to get these thoughts down and out of my head …Thank you all for indulging me in my moody madness.

**  NOT SO FINE PRINT** If you think you know who the other me is, no need to DM or @ message me as I will ignore it.  I DO believe in the don’t ask don’t tell policy when it comes to that.