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Apples and Oranges November 29, 2010

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I’ve heard this saying all too often, “you can’t compare apples to oranges“. What exactly does that mean? More importantly, why am I thinking of this. As with most great epiphanies this too came at a very crucial..hmmm moment whilst in the hot steamy shower that did more than just open the pores and nasal passages. It opened up my mind to some fairly useless thoughts and questions about the universe. One, being the subject matter of this blog.  Going back to the original though. When all else fails, I do what all of us do. No silly, YOU don’t have your very own Michelle , the walking plethora of knowledge, as I do.  O.k, when SHE’s not around, I as you, “Google” things. Just because I  wanted a more credible source than Wikipedia, I scrolled to the third search on my page, Askville.Amazon.com! According to them:

“When things are compared, they should at least fall into the same category.  Apples and oranges are very different from each other”

Which is further confirmed by going back to the first search shown , Wiki itself

Apples and oranges” refers to the idiom“comparing apples and oranges” or “apples to oranges”, which is used to indicate that two items or groups of items cannot be validly compared”

Why I ask Why are they not comparable! Is the apple not a fruit just as an orange?

Does the orange not have a peel and seeds like an apple? Do the two not grow on trees? Does the apple not contribute to a delicious Appletini as the Orange to the Citron Vodka? Why then do you people continually say the two are not similar in any way. SOB!!! Why for centuries have the two not been allowed to come together as one to become an  Apprange  or perhaps an Oranapple! It’s as if the star-crossed Rome and Juliet have been re-incarnated in these 2 fruits that are never destined to be brought together without scorn ! It’s a crying shame that in my lifetime , I have to hear these sad, heart breaking, soul wrenching words ” It’s cuz I’m an orange…huh? That’s why I have to sit in the back of the bus and why your father won’t let me marry you” .



One Response to “Apples and Oranges”

  1. evilshelly Says:

    dude. i wasn’t available??!!
    so, yeah. an apple doesn’t taste like an orange. if i don’t attend a meeting, fucking katona shouldn’t use me as a justification for not attending. i’m not her. we’re not equal. she doesn’t get to compare herself to me. were apples and oranges. that bitch!
    huh. what were you talking about?

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