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Apples and Oranges November 29, 2010

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I’ve heard this saying all too often, “you can’t compare apples to oranges“. What exactly does that mean? More importantly, why am I thinking of this. As with most great epiphanies this too came at a very crucial..hmmm moment whilst in the hot steamy shower that did more than just open the pores and nasal passages. It opened up my mind to some fairly useless thoughts and questions about the universe. One, being the subject matter of this blog.  Going back to the original though. When all else fails, I do what all of us do. No silly, YOU don’t have your very own Michelle , the walking plethora of knowledge, as I do.  O.k, when SHE’s not around, I as you, “Google” things. Just because I  wanted a more credible source than Wikipedia, I scrolled to the third search on my page, Askville.Amazon.com! According to them:

“When things are compared, they should at least fall into the same category.  Apples and oranges are very different from each other”

Which is further confirmed by going back to the first search shown , Wiki itself

Apples and oranges” refers to the idiom“comparing apples and oranges” or “apples to oranges”, which is used to indicate that two items or groups of items cannot be validly compared”

Why I ask Why are they not comparable! Is the apple not a fruit just as an orange?

Does the orange not have a peel and seeds like an apple? Do the two not grow on trees? Does the apple not contribute to a delicious Appletini as the Orange to the Citron Vodka? Why then do you people continually say the two are not similar in any way. SOB!!! Why for centuries have the two not been allowed to come together as one to become an  Apprange  or perhaps an Oranapple! It’s as if the star-crossed Rome and Juliet have been re-incarnated in these 2 fruits that are never destined to be brought together without scorn ! It’s a crying shame that in my lifetime , I have to hear these sad, heart breaking, soul wrenching words ” It’s cuz I’m an orange…huh? That’s why I have to sit in the back of the bus and why your father won’t let me marry you” .



A Little Piece of Heaven November 21, 2010

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I’m on a mission to find ethereal happiness and a little piece of heaven on this side of the Pearly Gates…. Behold below, the treasure I speak of:

Brownie A’La Mode


Serendipity November 4, 2010

Every once in a while I’ll hear a word that intrigues me. Perhaps it’s the sound of it, the way it rolls on my tongue, the meaning of it or the spelling of it. Whatever the reason is for me to be drawn to a particular word, I always find it interesting to see how I can integrate it into my life. Like my friend Barbara said, “there are no accident”. Nothing happens without a reason in our life. That “word” came into your life, your sight, within your hearing range for some reason.  To you naysayers and non believers, it is a sign!

My favorite word in the English language is ~ Serendipity~. It has such a melodious sound to it as you say it. When I further looked into the meaning of it, it only made me love the word even more.

ser·en·dip·i·ty [ser-uhn-dip-i-tee]
1. An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.
2. Good fortune

And my favorite definition ~ A fortunate accident~

Once I became aware of the existence of such a word, it seemed as if “serendipitous” events, stories, and the word itself jumped out at me at every opportunity. The silliest of these signs came to me when visiting Pier 39 in San Francisco. Walking along the pier , I was dreamily reading the names on the boats docked in the harbor. I’m fascinated by so many things in life ~ including trying to figure out how someone perhaps came  up with the name inscribed on their boat. Lo and behold….what do I see? A boat named Serendipity!


I learned that there was a movie with this title.A story about 2 strangers that meet for the first time. They sense a definite attraction between each other. Sara is a big believer in “meant to be”, and when she gives Jonathan her phone number only to have the wind blow the number from his hand, she sees this as a sign that the two of them are not meant to be together – at least not right now. These complete strangers in true Hollywood style test each other with events that will bring them together if it’s meant to be. The title was derived from the Restaurant in New York named Serendipity3 ~ Yet one more “sign” . I’ve developed quite an obsession with wanting to visit New York City for the sole purpose of going to Serendipity 3 . School girl silliness ? Perhaps! It is what it is !


I found it to be quite a coincidence that this movie was very similar to my favorite Bollywood flick ” Dil To Pagal Hai”, A  story about Pooja and Rahul. She believes in love and that God has predestined our soul mates for us, but Rahul is skeptical about love and laughs it off.  Through a series of events that bring Rahul and Pooja within in seconds of meeting each other on numerous occasions, they do in fact finally meet when the “time is right'” and the story unfolds in a very serendipitous way from there. I’ve replayed a line from this movie hundreds if not thousands of times in my head as a form of keeping the hope alive that love does exist in this tangible, real world as well in the ethereal world of our dreams.  Kahin na Kahin, koi na koi, har ek ke liye bana hai” ~ translated, Someone, somewhere is made for you!

With the existence of this word in my vernacular, I found that I was now starting to see events in my life in a completely different perspective.  You could say that at this point in my life, the glass is half full! With this revelation, I also discovered that not getting what I wished for, wanted, or had my heart set on was perhaps a blessing in disguise. A blessing that is leading me to a path in my life, personally and professionally speaking, to where I’m meant to be.  Perhaps this belief in Serendipity will in turn be the catalyst that is the driving force to stumble upon a fortunate accident of my own.   Serendipity ~ ah, how sweet she sounds ~