A walk in my shoes..

You never really understand a person til you've walked a mile in their shoes..I'll loan you mine so you can see the world as I do

The Beginning May 19, 2010

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Hello Blogiverse! New to blogging, so the first few entries will obviously be a bit  rookie-esque and to some a bit incoherent posts. I’m a quick learner and will soon rectify that no doubt.  Why blog? Why not? Seems to be the motto and my mantra lately. There are so  many thoughts invading my mind right now. It’s as if the flood gates to a whole new way of thinking , postive thinking  at that, have been opened.  With the opening and realization of new and old thoughts all rushing at me, I needed some type of media as an outlet to help sort them.  Or perhaps, I’ll come back to this one day and decided that the therapeutic sessions of my online rants, raves, ramblings, musings, thougths…however you may categroize them are no longer necessary . Who knows? I’ll re examine that as time passes. For now, this is just the beginning of a journey.


One Response to “The Beginning”

  1. evilshelly Says:

    welcome to the world of journaling for all the world to see!

    i have but one caution: booze! dude. really. but you know what im talking about!

    can you make these posts private or are they all viewable by anyone?

    just saying–some times you want to rant about someone…but you certainly don’t want them to read it! (like your boss…..) 😉

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